Top Ten Common Reasons Why Self Storage Is Used:

Anybody can benefit from self storage; whether you are a business owner, homeowner, student, house mover, in need of a little extra storage space or any combination of the above. If you have never considered using self storage before because you are not entirely sure what it is or why people use it – keep reading.

Let’s start with a definition – Self storage is an arrangement where individuals or businesses rent an area of space where they can store their goods safely and securely. More often than not, this is because the person or business does not have enough space to do so on their own property.

So now you know what it is, but why specifically do people use it? Here are ten common examples of situations where people can benefit from self storage:

1)    Moving house: This is perhaps the most common reason people need to use self storage for personal use. Due to many factors, there is sometimes a gap between people moving out of their old home before they can move into their new one. When this happens, a temporary self storage unit can be a godsend. As well, when downsizing you may have large items such as furniture that you are not yet ready to part ways with, so it makes sense to store it somewhere for a while rather than have to throw it away.

2)    Renovating: When builders and decorators are in and out of your house all day long, this often equals lots of mess. Perhaps you are having a new extension added or a new kitchen fitted or even a disabled wet room installed. You may worry about your favourite pieces of furniture being permanently damaged by either having paint spilled on them or having them being scraped by tools etc. A self storage unit would be an ideal temporary solution to keep your mind at rest, and a cheap alternative when you compare it to having to replace your most expensive furniture!

3)    Simply run out of space: We constantly accumulate more stuff; even if we are not moving house or downsizing, people often just run out of space in the home they are in. When you don’t have the space for new stuff, rather than throw out the old items, why not keep the more valuable items in storage? It is nice to keep hold of some things ‘just in case’. You never know it could end up being worth thousands!

4)    Going Travelling: This often applies to, but is not limited to, students. Many students go travelling on gap years after finishing studying, before going into the world of work. After a few years away studying, mum and dad might have already rented out what is now the ‘spare room’ and suddenly there is no room left to store clothes and belongings. Self storage units are perfect for this.

5)    Uni students in summer: This one again is for students. Students will accumulate many items during their years at university, including some heavy items like tv’s, beds, chairs and sofas for example. Over the long university summer holidays, students typically move back to their family home and then have to change accommodation for the new semester. Rather than lugging heavy objects back and forth, it might make more sense to just rent a self storage unit over summer and save yourself the hassle.

6)    Garden furniture: Garden furniture is brilliant in the summertime when it’s sunny – who doesn’t love a BBQ? However it is not so useful in the winter when you need to put it away to keep it out of the cold, wet weather. Not everyone has a large suitable shed/garage and it is not practical to store outdoor furniture indoors. Self storage units are very useful for exactly this.

7)    Business storage (stock): Many businesses take advantage of self storage opportunities to store stock. It allows businesses more flexibility in terms of buying, creating and storing more stock. When this stock can be sold it becomes obvious that it was more than worthwhile to keep the stock in storage rather than have to throw it away due to lack of space.

8)    Business storage (assets): It can be difficult to work in a cluttered space, so until a business can finally make that move to a larger office, or a larger warehouse etc., a self storage unit can come in handy. Office equipment does not come cheap and it has very low resale value, so to save money in the long run it makes sense to store these sorts of items until they can be put to use in a larger space.

9)    Bereavement: When a loved one has sadly passed away, it is left to relatives to make some decisions about what to do regarding the belongings of the deceased. Deciding what to throw away and what to keep can be a difficult process to go through when you are grieving. It can therefore be a more straightforward option to move some things into self storage for a while; more rational decisions can be made at a later time.

10) A baby on the way: Ending on a more positive note, a baby on the way might be another reason for looking to self storage. That spare room you had made up for guests will now be the baby’s room, and that double bed may now have to be replaced by a cot. A spare bed can still come in handy at some point though so don’t just throw it away – keep it in a self storage unit!

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