Struggling for space in London? Our self storage facilities located in Kings Cross, Kentish Town and Watford are all ideally located and suitably equipped to provide you with the extra, secure, space you need. If you have any questions, we hope we can answer it with our helpful FAQ guide below.     

What Is Self Storage?

A self storage unit is an enclosed space that you can rent to safely keep your possessions in. The size of the unit and the length of time you rent it for are dependant on your individual requirements, making it a flexible storage solution.

How Does Self Storage Work?

Step 1: Choose which of our 3 conveniently located London self storage facilities you would like to rent a space in.

Step 2: Using our handy size guide, choose which size unit will be best for you and estimate how long you will need it for. We can be flexible – Whether that is weekly, monthly or yearly!

Step 3: Reserve your secure storage unit online, or by speaking to one of our helpful customer service representatives over the phone. There is a refundable £10 deposit to secure your unit.

Step 4: Pack your items & arrange transport. Read our previous article for help with how to pack your items to go into storage. If you need any packing supplies, take a look at our box shop – we have everything you could need!  

Step 5: Welcome in. When you arrive, a member of our friendly team will confirm your ID for security and sort out the paperwork. From there, your storage unit is your oyster …

Is Insurance Required For Self Storage?

Yes. While we take every effort to secure your stored items, we require all customers to insure their goods, as is the industry norm. This is because of the unlikely event of damage occurring out of our control, such as from flooding or fires. We offer competitive self storage insurance rates, to be determined based upon the value of your goods stored with us.

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

The cost to rent one of our self storage units in London will depend on two things:


  1. Which size unit you require (see our size guide for help).
  2. The length of time you wish to rent it for.

Apply for a competitive quote online or contact your chosen location directly.

What Documentation Is Required To Access Your Self Storage Unit?

At A&A, we operate maximum security at our self storage facilities, to keep your goods safe. To make sure you and only you can access your individual unit, we require photo ID on arrival, as proof of identification.

Do You Offer Storage Space For Businesses?

Yes. We have a range of London business storage services available, at competitive prices. Please contact us for more information.

Who Uses Self Storage?

Self storage can be used anyone! Some examples of common uses for self storage are:


  • People who are moving house
  • People who are renovating their house
  • People going away travelling for a while  
  • People who need temporary extra storage space
  • Businesses storing stock
  • Business storing office furniture
  • Businesses archiving highly secure and important documents

For a more detailed look at why self storage is used, see our previous blog article.

For Self Storage London, Choose A&A!

We have highly secure, 24 hour cctv monitored storage facilities located in Kings Cross (Camden), Kentish Town and Watford. If you need storage space in London don’t hesitate to give us a call today, we’d love to hear from you!

Self storage Kings Cross (Camden) – 0203 856 8397

Self storage Watford – 0192 375 0445

Self Storage Kentish Town – 0203 856 8478