In London, space comes at a premium. If you are in the London area and require household storage, business storage, or student storage, our Camden facility could be the answer to your problems.A&A Self Storage is one of the leading storage companies in London for both domestic and commercial purposes. We offer a wide range of flexible self storage options at competitive prices.

People may require household storage for a number of reasons. One of the most common, and equally the most stressful, of these is moving house. Moving house is said to be one of the most distressing events we will ever go through in life – we aim to make this process a little easier for you.

If during your house move there is a period of time between selling and moving into a new property, you may require somewhere to store large pieces of furniture in the meantime. Alternatively, if you are in the position of having to rent somewhere before a new property is ready to be moved into, it is likely that you could benefit from having a safe storage space to keep your valuable furnishings.

Students can also benefit from household storage. Students are often on the move, between flats, shared houses and enjoying their long summers back at home. For students studying in London, purchasing storage space in a convenient location such as our Camden self storage facility, could make these big moves less stressful. Also, A&A Self Storage offer a discount for students purchasing self storage.

Our storage units cater for commercial as well as domestic storage purposes. Naturally, business’ seek storage space for different reasons.

One of the reasons a business may benefit can benefit from self storage is the flexibility to store stock. For issues related to supply and demand, there may be times when a business has surplus stock that they need to hold on to temporarily, but they do not want to get rid of.

Another reason your business could benefit from secure self storage in Camden, is if you require expensive equipment or tools to be stored in a safe place overnight. If the nature of your business requires you to work from your vehicle, storing valuable tools in a secure location overnight is essential, as the theft of tools from vans has increased dramatically over recent years.

Whatever your reasons for seeking storage space, whether they are commercial or domestic, it is natural to assume that you require secure, safe storage that can be accessed at a time of your choosing. A&A Self Storage offer secure, affordable and totally reliable storage solutions, complete with fire protection and 24-hr CCTV.