A&A Are Open Brand New Self Storage Facility Near Regent’s Park!

A&A Self Storage are fast becoming one of the leading storage providers in London. This is confirmed by the fact that we are opening a brand new, state of the art self storage facility on Stanhope Street, near the iconic Regent’s Park! This will be our 4th London location, adding to our current collection of stores in Watford, Camden and Kentish Town. The new facility officially opens on June 1st 2019 and you can book your storage space now & save money by calling 0203 917 4408.

We have built up an exceptional reputation in London for providing a reliable, friendly service at prices that are reasonable and affordable. We aim to carry this on at our new Regent’s Park store and continue to provide an outstanding service for the residents of London. Whether it is for business or for personal use, our aim is to have the perfect storage solution available for you. At all of our locations, our secure storage units come in a range of sizes and our contracts are flexible, allowing you to upgrade or downgrade your space as you require.

To celebrate moving in to the area, below we have put together our top 10 interesting facts about Regent’s Park that you can impress your friends with!

A&A Self Storage Top 10 Facts About Regent’s Park

  1. Let’s start with some numbers. Regent’s Park in total is 166 hectares (410 acres) in size. You would do well to get round it all within one day! It is made up of an Outer Circle and an Inner Circle, which surrounds Queen Mary’s Gardens. The vast majority of this space is made up of open parkland & water, free for the public to enjoy.
  2. It is the home of London Zoo, which was created by Zoologists in 1828. London Zoo was originally intended to be a place for the scientific study of animals by experts such as Charles Darwin. Perhaps the most important lesson learnt from their study was that animals will not live for long if they are not let outside for fresh air and exercise! The zoo was opened up to the public in 1848.
  3. Regent’s Park is a Grade I listed landscape. This means that it is protected and nobody is ever allowed to build over it. Despite the growing urbanisation of London and the demand for more property, Regent’s Park will forever be protected as open parkland for us all to enjoy.
  4. Commissioned by King George IV, Regent’s Park was designed by John Nash, a famous British Architect of the Georgian era. Despite it being commissioned by the King, it was funded primarily by James Burton, not the crown. Burton was the preeminent property developer in London at the time and financed many of Nash’s designs.
  5. The park contains a mosque, which dates back to WWII. It was built in honour of the British Muslim population and their support for the Allies during the war. Over 1400 worshippers can fit in the mosque for daily prayers. It has proved hugely popular due to London’s highly multicultural population.
  6. In January 1867, tragedy struck on the lake at Regent’s Park. Around 40 people died after falling into the freezing cold lake and drowning, as the ice collapsed beneath them. Following this, authorities drained the lake to a depth of 4 feet to prevent it from happening again.
  7. It is a great place to get active, as 100 acres of the park are dedicated to sports! A wide variety of sports are played at Regent’s Park, including football, cricket, rugby, australian rules football, ultimate frisbee and many, many more. In fact, the park was in line to host the baseball and softball during the London 2012 Olympics, until these sports were dropped from the schedule.
  8. Regent’s Canal, which runs along the northern edge of the park, connects the Grand Union Canal to the London Docks. Interestingly, John Nash, who as you know is the park’s designer, had shares in the company that controlled this canal when it was created.
  9. You can study there too! Regent’s University London is located in the south east of the park and is one of only six private universities in the UK. It currently has around 3,600 students made up of over 130 different nationalities.
  10. Primrose Hill offers some exquisite views of the capital and the surrounding district is one of the most expensive and exclusive areas in the country. It is certainly worth checking out Primrose Hill if you are visiting Regent’s Park and want to be amazed.