In Britain, there are new businesses taking advantage of self storage solutions every single day. If you have never considered the benefits that a self storage facility could offer your business, then keep reading this article because you might just be missing out!

A&A’s Camden business storage facility can provide convenient solutions for businesses of all sizes – startups, SME’s and large corporations. From making considerable savings on your outgoings, to giving you the peace of mind that your valuable business equipment is protected and safe, our self storage units will revolutionise the way you do business.

Our Camden self storage facility can be used for many different purposes by businesses. Among other things, they can be used as an office space to run your business out of, as a place to securely hold stock for whenever it is required, or as somewhere to store valuable equipment/tools that you cannot risk losing. Self storage units also provide a convenient solution to holding on to office furniture in between moving locations. If there is a delay in the relocation process, office furniture can be expensive to have to buy again once your business move is complete.

To demonstrate why your business should consider using self storage space, we have compiled a list of the brilliant benefits of business storage. Before we begin, we feel it is necessary to point out that not all self storage facilities you come across will be fit for or intended for business use. With something as valuable as your business, make sure you choose a secure, reliable and well maintained business storage provider. A&A’s storage units are highly secure and fully equipped to competently deal with all your business storage needs.

Brilliant Benefits of Business Storage:   

  1. Security –

We start with this one because it will be a crucial factor for any responsible business owner. Whether you are using a storage unit as a business premises, or as a facility for valuable stored items, you will want to ensure that you have complete control over who has access to it.

All of A&A’s self storage units are covered by 24 hour CCTV cameras – Nobody can access your unit without you knowing about it! On top of this, our facilities are complete with smoke detectors and fire alarms, protecting your items at all times.

  1. Flexibility –

For a business to grow and be successful, it has to be flexible. One way you can increase your business’ flexibility is by having adjustable space to work with. By being able to expand and reduce storage space as and when required, this means that you only pay for extra space when it is absolutely necessary. As a result, you can accomodate for any number of changing circumstances, such as seasonal fluctuations, to give just one example.

Business self storage provides you with this flexibility as you can easily rent more or less space for whatever length of time suits you. For instance at A&A, you can rent storage space by the week, monthly or annually!   

  1. Free up Space –

Nobody likes to work in a cramped space surrounded by clutter! Productive and creative work requires a clear, tidy working space. Additionally, if your place of work is on display to customers/clients, this is all the more reason to keep it looking smart by decluttering. Self storage units are an ideal solution for when you need to clear up space at work but do not want to throw expensive items away such as office furniture.

  1. You can run your business entirely online –

Businesses run entirely online are becoming increasingly common, and for good reason too. They save significantly on overheads that would otherwise be spent on having to rent or buy a premises. Keeping stock in a business storage unit, to be sold online, is a cost effective alternative to running a physical shop store or distributing products from a warehouse.

  1. Archive important documents –

While a lot of documentation is now kept digitally, it is sometimes still necessary for businesses to keep a paper record of sensitive documents. Given the nature of theses types of files, they can be a security risk if they are not stored securely and appropriately.

Filing these in a highly secure self storage unit with fire protection provides an ideal solution to this. It is often the case that these documents (such as employment/tax records) have to be kept but are not needed on a daily base, so they don’t necessarily have to be stored at your place of work, where they might be at risk of getting damaged or lost. For the rare times when they are required, with a business storage unit you will have easy access to them when needed.

If you require business storage in the Camden area get in touch with A&A Self Storage today! We are conveniently located just a 10 minute walk away from Caledonian Road Tube station. We also have high quality self storage facilities in Kentish Town and Watford. Visit our website to find out more about our storage solutions, or call now on: 0203 856 8397