Do you need some more space to store your clothes in London? You are not alone! With property prices at a premium in our country’s capital, more of us are buying or renting smaller spaces to live in. This means less space to store your beloved clothes.

With notoriously unpredictable weather, we Brits have to keep clothes for all climates, which can become a pain when you do not have enough space to store them. Buying practically a new wardrobe each time summer comes around is just not feasible, so the answer is to find somewhere suitable extra storage space.

Fortunately, at A&A Self Storage, we offer exactly that! You can store your clothes all year round in our London self storage facilities, conveniently located in Camden, Kentish Town and Watford. They can be stored safe and sound in one of our cctv & fire protected London storage units, easily accessible by you whenever you need them!

Once you have your self storage unit, we have put together a guide below for storing clothes away that you may not need for another season or two. Follow these tips to keep your clothes fresh and in top condition for when the weather changes again!

How to store your clothes away in self storage  

Tip 1)

Wash and dry your clothes thoroughly before you put them away in your self storage unit. There is no need to iron them, as you will likely want to do this again when you bring them back out again in a few months time. It is important to wash them properly first, as things such as deodorant and perfumes will stain overtime if they are left on clothing. On top of this, you don’t want one item to smell out your whole self storage unit because you forgot to wash it!

Tip 2)

Shoes and boots also need to be cleaned before they go in for the same reasons as above. Smelly shoes left in a storage unit for months will not be pleasant to go back into and retrieve clothes from! As a bonus tip, stuff your boots and shoes with tissue paper to make sure they retain their shape while in storage.

Tip 3)

Fold your clothes and put them in clear plastic storage boxes. Choose plastic over cardboard for extra sturdiness when stacking and make sure the box has an airtight lid so no small uninvited creatures can crawl in!

Tip 4)

Label your boxes. When you are stacking boxes as high as the ceiling, which you should be doing to make the most of your storage unit, it makes things so much easier if you label your boxes. Your future self will thank you greatly for remembering to do such an important, even if a little boring, task!

Tip 5)

Stack your self storage unit wisely. For clothes that you know you will want regular access to, make them easily accessible in boxes at the front, or at the top of piles. Clothes that you are unlikely to need again for a long time, you can store underneath other boxes.

A&A Self Storage

With these handy 5 tips you will be able to store your clothes away in self storage in London with no trouble at all! To get a free quote to move into your self storage unit today, give A&A Self Storage a call now. Just choose which of our London facilities you would like to store in:

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