Self storage has recently become extremely popular, with many people now recognising the benefits of having some extra flexible storage space to work with. A stat that may just surprise you, is that in Britain there are now as many self storage facilities as there are Mcdonalds.

This is partly due to people living in smaller spaces, and partly due to people accumulating more and more stuff. We all like to jump on the next big trend, updating our wardrobes continuously and investing in the latest gadgets.

Another contributing factor to the growing hype around self storage, is the rise of popular U.S television shows such as Storage Wars & Storage Hunters. In these programmes, opportunistic investors bid on the contents of abandoned self storage units and then make a profit on reselling the items.

As a result of this rise in popularity, some peculiar items have been found in self storage units across the world. Below is a list of some of the strangest …

  1. Unreleased Michael Jackson records –

    A storage unit previously owned by Michael Jackson’s dad was home to over 250 unreleased Michael Jackson recordings. The lucky buyer of the abandoned unit discovered that these songs were recorded while MJ was without a record label, meaning they were copyright free. As you could imagine, he was in for a fortune!
  2. A $1,000,000 comic book –

    In 2000, Nicolas cage reported stolen his most precious comic after his house was burgled. It was a copy of Action Comics #1, worth a whopping $1,000,000!

    11 years later, the exact same comic book was found in a self storage locker. As a bizarre coincidence, the buyer of the unit took the comic to the very same expert that had sold it to Nicolas Cage originally. Cage was informed and his favourite comic was returned to him.
  3. Bodies –

    On a darker note, some high profile murder cases have been resolved in the U.K and the U.S with the discovery of a body in a self storage unit.

    There is one instance of a family in the U.S who kept the body of the dead grandma in a freezer in a storage unit for 17 years. While in this case it was legal, it is still a little disturbing.
  4. X rated activity –

    Believe it or not, there has been a number of instances of extramarital affairs taking place in self storage units. A few of these were caught, quite literally, with their pants down!

    While we are not ones to get involved, we kindly ask, for privacy and hygiene reasons, that you save any such activities for the bedroom.
  5. NASA rocket –

    In a self storage unit in Florida that had been auctioned off, the buyer discovered a NASA rocket and a countdown clock!

    The equipment was intended to be used in a space programme, but this was discontinued, perhaps due to lack of financing. Not knowing what do with it, the rocket was put into storage and forgotten about by NASA.

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